My name is Rudi, currently a full-time software engineer at Figma after having recently finished a degree in Computer Science at University of Waterloo. I have previously interned at Airbnb, Jane Street, Dropbox and Side Effects Software and was in the Recurse Center Summer 1 ‘17 batch. In this blog, I try to put words together in sentences such that they may be interesting and occasionally useful. I tend to be a sucker for information and novelty myself, so I try to write in a way that will be worth your time.

In the spirit of being an engineer (read: this is easier), the rest of this About section will be a random bullet points. If you find any of these interesting, you should ask me about it over coffee.

  • As described by a high school friend, I am “designed in China, made in Germany, imported to Canada, consumed in Quebec”. And now refurbished in the US? I need more verbs
  • I took 5 psychology classes in undergrad, it’s my second favorite subject (after CS of course).
  • My two main motivations in life are “building cool things” and what I call “learning how the world works”
  • I spent a summer practicing DDR
  • My main hobby right now is rock climbing. Currently working on consistently doing V6s
  • I’m working on certain parts of communication skills by taking acting/improv classes
  • One of my goal is to consistently use “steel man arguments”
  • “Interested people are interesting”
  • “Humans are not rational creatures, they are rationalizing creatures”
  • “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”
  • I practice pen spinning (look it up if you’ve never hear of that term!) and have once appeared on national television. I’m not one of the best out there, but I know quite a few tricks


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