My name is Rudi, currently a full-time software engineer at Arcol based in NYC. My professional interests are to bring the ideas of web-based collaborative software to improve professional tools.

Previously, I worked at Figma for several years. I was approximately the 50th employee when I joined, and 10th most tenured by the time I left. I’ve worked on variety of areas including the design editor, product features, stability, frontend web infrastructure, the plugin API, real-time data infrastructure.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science at University of Waterloo. I have interned at Airbnb, Jane Street, Dropbox and Side Effects Software and was in the Recurse Center Summer 1 ‘17 batch. In this blog, I try to put words together in sentences such that they may be interesting and occasionally useful.


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Twitter/”X”: @digitalfreepen (not active)

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