Harmonics TD

This is a project I've created a long long time ago, when I was still a newbie programmer. Bugs and flaws are to be expected. Nevertheless, the game is quite fun.

Download (67 mb)

This game is a Tower Defense (TD) with a musical twist. An invasion of notes gone frantic is coming, and it's up to you to place towers such as Sound Suppressor and the Wave Blaster to send them back where they belong!

The game features many different types of creeps and towers :

  • Semiquavers (sixteenth) and Quavers (eighth) are very fast.
  • Crotchets (quarter) and Minims (half) come in large numbers.
  • Wholes and Breves (double whole) are slow and though.
  • Chords and Triplets split into other notes following death.

    Sound Suppressor I-III : These function mainly by focusing a laser on a note, depleting it by a percentage (%) of its life each second.
    Noise Maker I-III : These function by throwing sharps and flats at incoming notes.
    Distortion Wave I-III : These function with attacks that hit an entire area.
    Volume Tuner I-III : These function by slowing down or stopping completely notes.

    Finally, the game features 5 stages, for a total of 1h30 or so of game play.

    * This game was created for HBGames.ORG's 5-year anniversary contest. See original entry.
    * With a few tweaks, this could be an excellent game for smartphone or for tablet. If you're interested in making an adaptation, let me know - I'm not looking for royalties, just my names in the credits somewhere is good enough.