Aug 1 2017

Everything I know about internships, resumes, interviews, side projects, etc

…can be found at this GitHub repository, Playing the Internship Game.

Oh hey, did you expect to see a long blog post?

Over the last 3 months, I’ve been contributing to this repo started by Evy Kassirer (who’s amazing and has great perspectives!). I’ve been gradually writing down all the stuff I learned about internships. It would be a waste to have it all go away, and it’s good to do it while still fresh. I won’t be motivated to write about internships forever once I start working fulltime!

It answers questions such as:

  • What the hell do people mean when they say “do side projects”?
  • Where do I find tech internships?
  • How do I write a good resume?
  • How do I prepare for interviews?
  • How do I do well in interviews?
  • How do I succeed at the workplace?

I put everything I could come up with off the top of my head, which totals ~9000 words (IT’S OVER 9000!!!!! actually it really is).

Of course, I’m sure I didn’t think of everything. If you landed on this page (not via the repo itself) and would like to ask me questions, the best way to do so is to create a GitHub issue on that repository and tag me (i.e. write @rudi-c in the description).

Good luck with your internships!